Filmmaking Using Stills


Student film by George Lucas (yes, THAT George Lucas)

“The Parallax View” (1974) by Alan J. Pakula (excerpt)

Trailer from Ken Burns’ “Jazz” Note especially the panned still shots, and the pacing and movement between stills and moving image.

Mostly still opening credits for “Orange is the New Black.”

The Met Artists Project is a fabulous series of contemporary artists’ responses to specific work in the Metropolitan Museum’s collection. It is a rich resource, and happens to be entirely built of stills with voice over. Below is a trailer, but for the love of all that is being a student of visual art or design or film… go to the link and enjoy watching as many as possible!


P.S. Ciné-roman, or Photo Roman, are additional terms for a film made from stills.

Some examples of student films in this tradition:

The Quiet World

En Sourdine


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